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Click to enlargePremium Cleaning Cartridge For Canon BCI-3ePM, BCI-6PM --- Photo Magenta

BRAND NEW High Capacity cleaning Cartridge for Canon BCI-3ePM, BCI-6PM, BCI-3PM. 15ml Capacity.
  • These cleaning cartridges are filled with a special solution developed to clean Canon inkjet print heads.
  • They clean the printheads and ink delivery system of your printer, giving it a new lease of life. They help with poor printing performance, clogged print heads, grainy  prints, bad color matching etc.
  • The cleaning cartridges will dissolve the old ink and any dried particles that may be restricting the proper flow of ink to or through your printhead without causing any damage or wear to your printer.

  • When normal head cleanings fail, using these cartridges can sometimes save a costly service call.

  • If your printer has been out of ink for a while, you may need a cleaning cartridge to remove the dried ink.

  • If you constantly change inkjet brands, you may need these cleaning cartridges. The chemical reaction between all the different inks you are using will cause the ink to accumulate and clog your channels and/or printhead.

They are manufactured under ISO 9001. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! 1 Year Quality Assurance Guarantee! Will ship within 24 hours.

This item is qualified for promotion "Buy 3 of the identical items, Get the 4th FREE! Or Buy 5 of the identical items, Get the 2 extra FREE". The free item will be sent automatically. Please do not add it to shopping cart.

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

BCI-6/3ePM-CleanRegular price: $14.99Sale price: $6.95MANUFACTURER: 

Canon BCI-6PM / BCI-5PM ink tanks are used in the following printers:

------------------- Canon BJC Series --------------------
Canon BJC 8200 Canon BJC 8200 Photo Canon BJC 8200 
------------------- Canon BJF Series --------------------
Canon BJF 850 Canon BJF 860 Canon BJF 870
------------------- Canon I Series --------------------
Canon I865 Canon I960 Canon I9900
Canon I900 Canon I990 Canon I9900I
Canon I900D Canon I9100 Canon I9950
Canon I950 Photo Canon I9100D
------------------- Canon Pixma Series --------------------
Canon Pixma IP3000 Canon Pixma IP4000R Canon Pixma IP6000D
Canon Pixma IP4000   Canon Pixma IP8500
------------------- Canon S Series --------------------
Canon S800 Canon S820D Canon S900
Canon S820 Canon S830D Canon S9000

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