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EPSON 7-pin 9-pin INK Cartridges   

The main purpose of the Chip is to monitor ink levels and to provide an on-screen message telling you that the cartridge is running low or is empty. Your Epson Chip Resetter allows you to restore this function and once you have refilled your cartridge you can resume full use just as it did when it was new.

The chip resetter comes with 2 adaptors to help you line up the pins. The first picture shows you how to attach the adaptor for a 7-pin cartridge. The 2nd picture shows you how to attach the adaptor for a 9-pin cartridge. For some other cartridges that can be easily lined up,  the adaptor is not needed. (Please refer to the instruction sheet)

The EIRESET1 Chip Resetter can reset the ink level on almost all desktop Epson brand cartridges and many “compatible” cartridges, as long as your cartridge does not have one-time-use chip. The "one-time-use chip" destroys itself when the ink runs out. There is no way to reset the chip on these cartridges.

Note: For 7-pin cartridges, you can reset the chip no matter the cartridge is empty or not. For 9-pin cartridges, it's better to reset it when there is at least 10% ink left. Some cartridges may destroy the chip when the ink runs out completely, which makes the chip not reusable.

1. If you have a tall and thin cartridge (see below), prepare the reset device to fit your cartridge by installing a plastic cartridge guide. Use the plastic guide that best fits your cartridge.
2. Align your cartridge with the chip reset device. The pins on the reset device must align exactly with the contacts on the ink level chip on the cartridge. Use the notches on the reset device to help position the cartridge.
3. After a few seconds, the LED light should begin flashing red. If the reset is successful, the light will turn green after 34
seconds. If the light does not flash, you have not made contact with the ink level chip. Try pressing the reset device against the cartridge again, and with the cartridge and the reset device pressed together, move the reset device slightly back and forth, or up and down, to get a good contact with the chip.
4. If the LED light turns solid red, it means that the cartridge either has one-time use hip or the chip has been damaged. There is no way to reset the chip for this case.
5. For step to step instructions with pictures, please click here.

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