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Click to enlargeUniversal Smart Chip Resetter Tool For Epson 9-pin & 7-pin Ink Cartridges

Universal Chip Resetter for Epson Cartridges will reset the "smart chips" on all Epson 7-pin ink cartridges and most 9-pin ink cartridges (except for wide format Epson printer cartridges) multiple times. They can be used when you refill Epson cartridges yourselves or reset to show full ink levels to maximize ink output.
It will automatically identify the cartridge model and detect the chip on the cartridge is in a good state or not, then reset the chip (both old and new types). It is the first product that is compatible with most of the Epson intelligent Ink Cartridges on the market.
This device works indefinitely and can be extended by simply replacing the batteries. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Will ship within 24 hours

INCLUDES alignment tool (don't let others charge you $3 for it!)

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

EpsonResetter-9-7pinRegular price: $59.99Sale price: $24.98

9-pin Cartridges that the Chip Resetter works with:

  • T071 /T077 /T078 /T079 /T080 /T088 /T0711 /T0712 /T0713  /T0714

  • T0771 /T0772 /T0773 /T0774 /T0775 /T0776 /T0781 /T0782 /T0783 /T0784 /T0785 /T0786

  • T0791 /T0792 /T0793 /T0794 /T0795 /T0796 /T0801 /T0802 /T0803 /T0804 /T0805 /T0806

  • T0881 /T0882 /T0883 /T0884 /T071140 /T071240 /T071340  /T071440

  • T077120 /T077220 /T077320 /T077420 /T077520 /T077620

  • T078120 /T078220 /T078320 /T078420 /T078520 /T078620

  • T079120 /T079220 /T079320 /T079420 /T079520 /T079620

  • T080140 /T080240 /T080340 /T080440 /T080540 /T080640

  • T088120 /T088220 /T088320 /T088420

7-pin Cartridges that the Chip Resetter works with:

  • T007 /T008 /T009 /T015 /T016 /T017 /T018 /T026 /T027 /T028 /T029

  • T0321 /T0322 /T0323 /T0324 /T042 /T0422 /T0423 /T0424 /T0331 /T0332 /T0333 /T0334 /T0335 /T0336

  • T0341 /T0342 / T0343 /T0344 /T0345 /T0346 /T0347 /T0348 /T036 /T037 /T038 /T039 /T040 /T041

  • T0431 /T0441 /T0442 /T0443 /T0444 /T0451 /T0452 /T0453 /T0454 /T0461 /T0472 /T0473 /T0474

  • T0481 /T0482 /T0483 /T0484 /T0485 /T0486 /T0491 /T0492 /T0493 /T0494 /T0495 /T0496

  • T0540 /T0541 /T0542 /T0543 /T0544 /T0547 /T0548 /T0549

  • T0551 /T0552 /T0553 /T0554 /T0561 /T0562 /T0563 /T0564

  • T0591 /T0592 /T0593 /T0594 /T0595 /T0596 /T0597 /T0598 /T0599

  • T0601 /T0602 /T0603 /T0604 /T0611 /T0612 /T0613 /T0614

  • T0621 /T0631 /T0632 /T0633 /T0634 /T057 /T058 / T066 /T067 /T559

  • T5591 /T5592 /T5593 /T5594 /T5595 /T5596

  • T007201 /T008201 /T009201 /T015201 /T016201 /T017201 /T018201

  • T026201 /T027201 /T028201 /T029201 /T032120 /T032220 /T032320

  • T032420 /T033120 /T033220 /T033320 /T033420 /T033520 /T033620

  • T034120 /T034220 /T034320 /T034420 /T034520 /T034620 /T034720

  • T034820 /T036120 /T037020 /T038120 /T038125 /T039020 /T039025

  • T039125 /T040120 /T041020 /T042220 /T042320 /T042420 /T043120

  • T044120 /T044220 /T044320 /T044420 /T045120 /T045220 /T045320

  • T045420 /T046120 /T047220 /T047320 /T047420 /T048120 /T048220

  • T048320 /T048420 /T048520 /T048620 /T049150 /T049250 /T049350

  • T049450 /T049550 /T049650 /T054020 /T054120 /T054220 /T054320

  • T054420 /T054720 /T054820 /T054920 /T055140 /T055240 /T055340

  • T055440 /T056140 /T056240 /T056340 /T056440 /T059120 /T059220

  • T059320 /T059420 /T059520 /T059620 /T059720 /T059820 /T059920

  • T060120 /T060220 /T060320 /T060420 /T061140 /T061240 /T061340

  • T061440 /T062120 /T063120 /T063220 /T063320 /T063420

  • T559120 /T559220 /T559320 /T559420 /T559520 /T559620

The chip resetter works with on the following printers

  • Epson Stylus Color C20 /C40 /480 /580 /680 /777 /777i /825

  • Epson Stylus Color 870 /880 /1000ics /Epson 1000 ICS

  • Epson Stylus Photo 780 /785EPX /790 /810 /820 /825 /830 /830U

  • Epson Stylus Photo 870 /870LE /875 /875DC /875DCS /890 /895

  • Epson Stylus Photo 900 /915 /925 /935 /950 /960 /1270 /1275 /1280

  • Epson Stylus Photo 1290 /1295 /2000 /2000P /2100 /2200 /R200

  • Epson Stylus Photo R210 /R300 /R300M /R310 /R340 /R360 /R510

  • Epson Stylus Photo R610 /R630 /R800 /R1800 /R2400 /RX420 /RX425

  • Epson Stylus Photo RX430 /RX500 /RX510 /RX600 /RX610 /RX620 /RX630

  • Epson Stylus C40 /C41 /C41SX /C41UX /C42 /C42+ /C42 Plus/ C42S/ C42SX

  • Epson Stylus C42UX / C43 /C43SX /C43UX /C44 /C44+ / C44S/ C44SX

  • Epson Stylus C44UX /C44 Plus /C45 /C45SX /C45UX /C48 /C50 /C60 /C61

  • Epson Stylus C62 /C63 /C64 /C66 /C67 /C70 /C70+ /C70 Plus /C80 /C80N

  • Epson Stylus C80WN /C82 /C82N /C82WN /C83 /C84 /C84N /C84WN

  • Epson Stylus C84 /Photo Edition /C86 /C87 /C87PE /C88 /CX3200 /CX3600

  • Epson Stylus CX3650 /CX3700 /CX3800 /CX3810 /CX3810C /CX4100

  • Epson Stylus CX4200 /CX4600  /CX4700 /CX4800 /CX5200 /CX5400 /CX5800

  • Epson Stylus CX5800F /CX6300 /CX6400 /CX6600 /CX7800

  • Epson Stylus D68 /D88 /DX3800 /DX3850 /DX4200 /DX4800 /DX4850

  • Epson Stylus CX4400 /CX4450

  • Epson Stylus D120 /D78/ D92 /DX4000 /DX4050 /DX4400

  • Epson Stylus DX4450 /DX5000 /DX5050 /DX6000/DX6050

  • Epson Stylus DX7000 /DX7400 /DX7450 /DX8400/DX8450

  • Epson Stylus DX9400F /DX595

  • Epson Stylus Photo R260 /R265 /R280 /R285 /R290

  • Epson Stylus Photo R360 /R380 /R390

  • Epson Stylus Photo 1400 /1410 /SP1400 SP1410

  • Epson Stylus Photo RX560 /RX580 /RX585 /RX590 /RX595

  • Epson Stylus Photo RX610 /RX680/ RX685 /RX690 /RX700

  • Epson ME1 /ME100 /PX-A7250 /PM-D870 /PM-G850

Most chips used on the following  printers/cartridges may have one-time use chip only. These chips will destroy itself when the ink runs out. Please do not buy this resetter if your cartridge or printer is one of the following:

  • Epson T0691, T0692, T0693, T0694, T0695, T0696

  • Epson T0731, T0732, T0733, T0734

  • Epson T0821, T0822, T0823, T0824, T0825, T0826

  • Epson Stylus CX5000, CX6000, CX7000 F, SCX7450, CX8400, CX9400F

  • Epson Stylus CX9475F, NX100, NX105, NX200, SNX300, NX400

  • Epson Stylus CX3900, CX3905, CX4900, CX4905, CX5900, CX6900F, C110, C120

  • Epson Stylus R270, R290, R390, R690, RX590

  • Epson Workforce 30, 40, 500,  600