Cleaning Cartridges instructions

1. The cleaning cartridge is to be used in the following circumstances.

(1)White lines occur when printing documents or pictures;

(2)Indistinctness or broken lines occur in nozzle check pattern;

(3)Ink does not come down during printing;

(4)Printer is used again after a long period of disuse;

(5)It is to be used before replacing normal ink cartridge;


Life of print head can be prolonged with regular cleaning. 

2. Using steps:

(1)Take out the cleaning cartridge tear off the yellow part of the sealing film, take off the cover and put it into packing bag for further use.

(2)Install the cartridge same as replacing a new ink cartridge.

(3)Clean five times following printer operation instructions, if there is no broken lines, and pictures are clear in nozzle check pattern or test printing pages, then cleaning is finished.

(4)Repeat step(3)if broken lines or indistinctness of pictures and words still occur.

(5)If step(4)still does not worthless cleaning cartridge stay in the printer for 12hours before turning on the printer and repeat stap(3),if print head still cannot return to normal, that means it is already damaged and needs replacing.

(6)Take out the cleaning cartridge after cleaning, install a new ink cartridge, clean print head twice and the printer is ready for use.

(7)Fix the cover back to the cleaning cartridge to seal the liquid exit; if necessary, tape the cover. put the cartridge into the sealing bag with the liquid exit downwards, seal the bag and put it back into the box for further use.

3. Notice:

(1)   Keep the cover taken down for sealing the liquid exit.

(2)   Seal the used cleaning cartridge with the cover to prevent the liquid from drying.

(3)   Keep the cleaning cartridge carefully prevent the environment form being polluted.

(4)   Donít expose the print head in air long time to avoid being damaged.

(5)   The color liquid in the cleaning cartridge is for testing only, not for normal printing.

(6)   One cleaning cartridge can be used for at least 10times.

(7)   The expiry is six months after first use.

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